Fire Department

Town of Burnett Volunteer Fire Department

The Burnett Volunteer Fire Department was organized January 9, 1915. The first officers were: E.J. Heling, Chief; William Gibson, Secretary, and H.E. Roll, Treasurer. The department had 15 active members, and equipment consisted of a hand-drawn ladder wagon, two hand-drawn chemical carts, two dozen pails for the bucket brigade, and one bell.

The department was incorporated in 1976 and presently consists of 29 active members.

The Burnett First Responders were organized in May of 1986 as a first responder unit for medical emergencies. The First Responders are members of the Fire Department. We have 13 first responders who are de-fib certified and maintain an excellent level of training by attending First Responder refresher courses, CPR refreshers, and receive de-fib certification every year. The initial response time of our unit has been three to five minutes prior to ambulance arrival. Responders work closely with the Horicon EMS unit, as they are the unit to respond to a rescue call in the Town of Burnett.

Current officers are: Randy Schwark, Chief; Ross Kittell, Assistant Chief; Clint Pieper, Battalion Chief; Mark Woock, Secretary; Trisha Pieper, Treasurer; Dean Sawyer, Mark Saeger, and Randy Woock, Trustees.